Water Damage Photo Gallery

air mover with hoses hooked up to the ceiling

Faulty Toilet Tank

When a faulty toilet leaves a water mess, we intervene! Our team set this up by drilling holes and putting these tubes up into the ceiling which then pushes air into the ceiling cavity and in turn, produces quicker drying time for the drywall as well as the subfloor from underneath. In this particular job, they were able to utilize multiple hoses in different areas all off of one air mover!

Trim with black mold growth on it.

Black growth found on baseboard.

After water damage occurred in the living room, our team began removing carpet. Upon pulling off the baseboard, we found a significant amount of growth. It was important to continue to take the carpet padding, carpet, and all the baseboards in the living room off to prevent further growth. We also sprayed antimicrobial cleaner on the flooring.

Cabin style home's kitchen is empty on one side with green equipment set on that side.

Ice Maker water line ensures damage to floor.

On Sunday morning, the homeowners of a cabin style home noticed water near their refrigerator. They managed to sop up the water but the hardwood flooring still began to cup on the sides. They also were unsure of the damage underneath the flooring. Unfortunately, we were called days after the loss so the flooring was not salvageable so our team removed the floors and began drying.

A table with hardwood flooring on it and a plastic suction equipment over it.

Floor Test Demonstration

Hardwood floor test station in the basement to demonstrate a mat drying system. The mat is placed on the affected hardwood and it's attached to a suction hose to lift the water from it. In situations where there is flooding and the hardwood flooring is affected, this equipment can help dry the flooring and prevent cupping that occurs when the wood becomes saturated with water.

A green equipment with 2 hoses going outside from a nearby window.

Portable Desiccant Dehumidifier

Best used to dry dense materials like plaster-lathe often found in older constructions. This equipment could be useful in the Decorah area where there are many older builds. While older homes have a lot of charm and character, it isn't uncommon to experience water issues in the home especially in the basement. 

Basement with stone walls is covered with multi colored mold.

Mold Remediation on Stone Basement Walls

This older home in Oelwein has experienced a few foundational settling and water is seeping into the basement causing high humidity. High humidity promotes mold growth. When we remediate mold, we make sure to contain the room so mold spores do not spread to other areas of your home.

Medium close up of the corner of a basement with black mold growing where the wall and carpet meet.

Black mold in Laundry Room

Mold likes to grow in moist places so it's not unusual to see mold in your laundry room or basement. We were able to inspect the mold issue and get started on remediation.