Commercial Photo Gallery

A basement with a dining room table, a few chairs around the table, and water on the flooring.

Flooding in Break Room

This employee's break room has standing water in it but fortunately, SERVPRO was able to extract the water! Our technicians also set up air movers to get the floorings and wall dried up. 

Empty basement. Clean cemented flooring and white walls with a 2 inch cut out starting from the bottom.

Hard Surface Cleanup after Sewer Loss

This business had a sewer loss in their basement during the weekend. After the plumbers fixed the issue, we came in to extract water, dispose of solid waste, dispose of affected building material, and hard surface clean the cement floor as well as disinfect!

Two green pieces of drying equipment pointed toward yellow wall.

Water Damage in Restaurant

A water pipe leading to the AC condenser unit above the restaurant burst to cause a flood. After the pipe was repaired, our team came to extract water and set up multiple drying equipment throughout the building for faster drying.

A ceiling vent has possible mold growth on the sides of it.

Potential Growth at a Church

This church is not holding in-person services at the moment for the safety of the congregation. The cleaning staff noticed areas of concern as they did their weekly cleaning and brought it to the attention of the leadership staff. We received a call to inspect and remediate potential mold growth. Luckily there was very little growth and we were able to replace a few panelings, remove affected drywall and clean with a microbial cleaner.

An office with one window and an empty desk.

Office Cleanup in Jesup, IA

Our cleaning technician wiped all high touched areas and flat surfaces on the first and second floor of the offices including 3 bathrooms, and the front lobby. We also wet fogged with our antimicrobial cleaner and wiped all areas again. We are glad to team up with businesses to provide a clean and safe environment for employees.

Mechanic Equipment with a large tool box and tools on the table.

Cleaning High Touch Areas

Our production technicians helped clean and disinfect the warehouse and offices of a commercial business. They washed high touch areas and frequently used equipment and applicated a light mist of our SERVPROxide cleaner.


General Cleaning for Warehouse

We are grateful for the opportunity to provide general cleaning to commercial businesses especially when the employer's objective is to provide a clean and safe facility for their employees.