Fire Damage Photo Gallery

A job site with protective SERVPRO paper laid

Protecting Your Property with Precision

In this photo, you can witness our meticulous approach to restoration as we take every precaution to safeguard your property. Our dedicated team at SERVPRO of Black Hawky County goes the extra mile to ensure your space remains pristine throughout the restoration process.

By covering the floor with this specialized paper, we prevent any potential damage, scratches, or debris from affecting your flooring.

Project Manager drawing up a sketch

From Sketch to Success

A sketch serves as a guide for successful restoration, documentation, and proper billing. Project Manager, Brett, is a rockstar when it comes to sketching up a job site! His care and attention to detail help us get you back on track as soon as possible!

Food lined up

Taking Inventory of Unsalvageable Content

Our team takes pictures of content that is unsalvageable because of smoke damage. These items will be written down for insurance purposes so that the homeowner may possibly be compensated for it. Food that has been in a fire will not be saved for safety reasons.

A burnt down house next to a house that shows fire damage on the side.

Smoke Damage due to neighboring house fire.

We received a call about smoke damage because of a house fire that happened next door. We boarded up windows, replaced doorknobs, removed affected wall paneling, affected carpet, insulation from the porch ceiling, and remediated smoke damage.

Black webbing on the corner

Soot Tag or Webs

This is soot particles that have stucks together to forms webbing. After a fire with heavy smoke and soot, you can find these webbing on ceilings, in the corners of rooms or closets, ceiling fans, and amongst other places.

Small bedroom in loft area with wood boards on the wall and soot on the mattress and wall.

Soot in the Spare Room

After a fire in Waucoma, IA began in the master bedroom, smoke filled multiple areas such as this spare room. Smoke rises so the smoke left soot marks on the walls and soot tags or webs. 

Debris from ceiling and walls on the ground and on the bed, and soot everywhere.

Fire in Bedroom while out of town.

A house fire broke out in a bedroom while the homeowners were out of town for the weekend. The cause of loss is suspected to be arson after a break-in. The fire started on top of the bed and contained just to the bedroom.

A dark room with no window but a wood board covering the window area. There's soot and burned content in the room.

Board ups after a Fire

A fire in a home can get so hot that the windows blow out. Although the damage seems severe and salvageable, most of the time we are able to come in and clean out content, demolish unsalvageable building material, Neutralize or remove the smoke odor, and then make it look "Like it never even happened," with construction. In the meantime, we protect further damage in your home by boarding up the windows and doors.