Photo Gallery

Bald eagle being cleaned with orange rag

Renewed Wings

SERVPRO's meticulous attention to detail and advanced techniques enable us to clean and restore your valuables, leaving them looking as good as new. Our mastery in cleaning cherished possessions is forever soaring high!

A job site with protective SERVPRO paper laid

Protecting Your Property with Precision

In this photo, you can witness our meticulous approach to restoration as we take every precaution to safeguard your property. Our dedicated team at SERVPRO of Black Hawky County goes the extra mile to ensure your space remains pristine throughout the restoration process.

By covering the floor with this specialized paper, we prevent any potential damage, scratches, or debris from affecting your flooring.

Employee Cleaning in cleaning room

Green, Clean, and Pristine

With our on-site cleaning room, our Cleaning Technicians are able to take their skills to the next level! Having this space to transform these valuables is a game changer in getting our customers back into their homes as soon as possible! 

Project Manager drawing up a sketch

From Sketch to Success

A sketch serves as a guide for successful restoration, documentation, and proper billing. Project Manager, Brett, is a rockstar when it comes to sketching up a job site! His care and attention to detail help us get you back on track as soon as possible!

air mover with hoses hooked up to the ceiling

Faulty Toilet Tank

When a faulty toilet leaves a water mess, we intervene! Our team set this up by drilling holes and putting these tubes up into the ceiling which then pushes air into the ceiling cavity and in turn, produces quicker drying time for the drywall as well as the subfloor from underneath. In this particular job, they were able to utilize multiple hoses in different areas all off of one air mover!

A basement with a dining room table, a few chairs around the table, and water on the flooring.

Flooding in Break Room

This employee's break room has standing water in it but fortunately, SERVPRO was able to extract the water! Our technicians also set up air movers to get the floorings and wall dried up. 

Empty basement. Clean cemented flooring and white walls with a 2 inch cut out starting from the bottom.

Hard Surface Cleanup after Sewer Loss

This business had a sewer loss in their basement during the weekend. After the plumbers fixed the issue, we came in to extract water, dispose of solid waste, dispose of affected building material, and hard surface clean the cement floor as well as disinfect!

Older gentleman working with a saw machine.

New Division - Construction Services

In order to restore homes and businesses "Like it never even happened," we've added a new construction manager to our team! With 20+ years in construction, he is looking forward to taking lead on large projects and training our restoration technicians on building and reconstruction services.

A man with a respirator walks into a rubble from an apartment that caught fire.

Fire Damage Assessment

This apartment received significant structural damage from a fire. Our project manager walks through the rubble to assess the damage and plan a course of action to restore the apartment to its previous condition. 

Servpro green trucks in a residential driveway at night.

24/7 Emergency Response Team

Our restoration technicians are ready for any disaster that comes their way, no matter the time of day it occurs. Here we have our on-call team responding to a water loss during after hours. When concerning water, it's important to remediate the damage as quickly as possible to avoid a larger loss.

Two green pieces of drying equipment pointed toward yellow wall.

Water Damage in Restaurant

A water pipe leading to the AC condenser unit above the restaurant burst to cause a flood. After the pipe was repaired, our team came to extract water and set up multiple drying equipment throughout the building for faster drying.

A ceiling vent has possible mold growth on the sides of it.

Potential Growth at a Church

This church is not holding in-person services at the moment for the safety of the congregation. The cleaning staff noticed areas of concern as they did their weekly cleaning and brought it to the attention of the leadership staff. We received a call to inspect and remediate potential mold growth. Luckily there was very little growth and we were able to replace a few panelings, remove affected drywall and clean with a microbial cleaner.

Food lined up

Taking Inventory of Unsalvageable Content

Our team takes pictures of content that is unsalvageable because of smoke damage. These items will be written down for insurance purposes so that the homeowner may possibly be compensated for it. Food that has been in a fire will not be saved for safety reasons.

A burnt down house next to a house that shows fire damage on the side.

Smoke Damage due to neighboring house fire.

We received a call about smoke damage because of a house fire that happened next door. We boarded up windows, replaced doorknobs, removed affected wall paneling, affected carpet, insulation from the porch ceiling, and remediated smoke damage.

An office with one window and an empty desk.

Office Cleanup in Jesup, IA

Our cleaning technician wiped all high touched areas and flat surfaces on the first and second floor of the offices including 3 bathrooms, and the front lobby. We also wet fogged with our antimicrobial cleaner and wiped all areas again. We are glad to team up with businesses to provide a clean and safe environment for employees.

A dark basement with mold growth on the walls.

Wet Basement in West Union, IA

High humidity and water damage will promote mold growth if not dealt with immediately or appropriately. Our team wore protective equipment as they worked hard to remediate mold and mitigate water damage.

Mint colored dry-wall with a flood cut.

Water loss in Postville, IA.

After a water loss in a home, our crew was called in to inspect the water damage. To the eyes, it didn't seem to look like significant damage but the moisture meter read that the drywall and flooring was still significantly wet. Our team cut 12' 2" of drywall in this living room to prevent mold growth and for faster drying.

Trim with black mold growth on it.

Black growth found on baseboard.

After water damage occurred in the living room, our team began removing carpet. Upon pulling off the baseboard, we found a significant amount of growth. It was important to continue to take the carpet padding, carpet, and all the baseboards in the living room off to prevent further growth. We also sprayed antimicrobial cleaner on the flooring.

Cabin style home's kitchen is empty on one side with green equipment set on that side.

Ice Maker water line ensures damage to floor.

On Sunday morning, the homeowners of a cabin style home noticed water near their refrigerator. They managed to sop up the water but the hardwood flooring still began to cup on the sides. They also were unsure of the damage underneath the flooring. Unfortunately, we were called days after the loss so the flooring was not salvageable so our team removed the floors and began drying.

Mechanic Equipment with a large tool box and tools on the table.

Cleaning High Touch Areas

Our production technicians helped clean and disinfect the warehouse and offices of a commercial business. They washed high touch areas and frequently used equipment and applicated a light mist of our SERVPROxide cleaner.


General Cleaning for Warehouse

We are grateful for the opportunity to provide general cleaning to commercial businesses especially when the employer's objective is to provide a clean and safe facility for their employees. 

A table with hardwood flooring on it and a plastic suction equipment over it.

Floor Test Demonstration

Hardwood floor test station in the basement to demonstrate a mat drying system. The mat is placed on the affected hardwood and it's attached to a suction hose to lift the water from it. In situations where there is flooding and the hardwood flooring is affected, this equipment can help dry the flooring and prevent cupping that occurs when the wood becomes saturated with water.

A green equipment with 2 hoses going outside from a nearby window.

Portable Desiccant Dehumidifier

Best used to dry dense materials like plaster-lathe often found in older constructions. This equipment could be useful in the Decorah area where there are many older builds. While older homes have a lot of charm and character, it isn't uncommon to experience water issues in the home especially in the basement. 

Black webbing on the corner

Soot Tag or Webs

This is soot particles that have stucks together to forms webbing. After a fire with heavy smoke and soot, you can find these webbing on ceilings, in the corners of rooms or closets, ceiling fans, and amongst other places.

Small bedroom in loft area with wood boards on the wall and soot on the mattress and wall.

Soot in the Spare Room

After a fire in Waucoma, IA began in the master bedroom, smoke filled multiple areas such as this spare room. Smoke rises so the smoke left soot marks on the walls and soot tags or webs. 

Debris from ceiling and walls on the ground and on the bed, and soot everywhere.

Fire in Bedroom while out of town.

A house fire broke out in a bedroom while the homeowners were out of town for the weekend. The cause of loss is suspected to be arson after a break-in. The fire started on top of the bed and contained just to the bedroom.

A dark room with no window but a wood board covering the window area. There's soot and burned content in the room.

Board ups after a Fire

A fire in a home can get so hot that the windows blow out. Although the damage seems severe and salvageable, most of the time we are able to come in and clean out content, demolish unsalvageable building material, Neutralize or remove the smoke odor, and then make it look "Like it never even happened," with construction. In the meantime, we protect further damage in your home by boarding up the windows and doors.

Water Glistens on Cement Flooring in a large unfinished basement.

Water Glisten on Cement Floors

If you see a collection of water on several areas of your flooring, use a towel or rag to soak up as much water as you can. We recommended checking up on your unfinished basement weekly and especially when it rains. If water continues to seep inside your basement, mold may become an issue.

Basement with stone walls is covered with multi colored mold.

Mold Remediation on Stone Basement Walls

This older home in Oelwein has experienced a few foundational settling and water is seeping into the basement causing high humidity. High humidity promotes mold growth. When we remediate mold, we make sure to contain the room so mold spores do not spread to other areas of your home.

Large floor pit with a sump pump in it.

Cause of Loss- Sump Pump

It is not uncommon to receive a water damage loss because of a sump pump failure. Sump pumps are usually installed inside floor pits to help pump out the water once it's filled a certain point. In a heavy rainstorm, the water coming in towards the floor pit may be more than the intake of the pump so therefore, it floods inside your home. We can help extract water and dry your home.

Medium close up of the corner of a basement with black mold growing where the wall and carpet meet.

Black mold in Laundry Room

Mold likes to grow in moist places so it's not unusual to see mold in your laundry room or basement. We were able to inspect the mold issue and get started on remediation.