Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Removing Flooring after Water Damage

This bathroom is located in a finished basement. The homeowner first noticed her carpets were wet and a had a musty smell. SERVPRO was able to determine several... READ MORE

Floor Drain overflows in Basement

In many basements, you can find hoses pointed towards the floor drain such as your washer machine or dehumidifier hose. The floor drain should drain the water b... READ MORE

Black Mold on Stone Walls

Look at this mold!!! Scary, we know, but it's not uncommon for mold to grow in your basement especially if it's humid down there. The stone wall inside this bas... READ MORE

Large Occupied basement with Wet Floors

This large semi-finished basement allows space for several activity rooms such as a game room, living room, and exercise area. Notice in the before image the wa... READ MORE

Wet Family Room in Basement

This cozy family room was interrupted by a water-saturated carpet. This was a result of a sump pump failure. Luckily this basement is visited often so the owner... READ MORE

Water on red carpet in Oelwein

This wet basement in Oelwein was a result of a sump pump failure. Water overflowed from the pit into this game room. Notice the water stains on the red carpet i... READ MORE