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Landlords and Property Managers - Listen up!

5/19/2022 (Permalink)

"GET YOUR FREE ERP PLAN" with app icon and SERVPRO logo 100% FREE

As a property manager or landlord, no one wants to get that call in the middle of the night learning that their building has water pouring from the walls, or is combusted into flames. These are things we never think will happen to us… until they do, and when they do it can be scary!

If you are a landlord or rental owner you may be asking yourself:

  • How can I be ready in case this ever happens to me?
  • What can I do to minimize damages?
  • What is the best plan of action?

Never fear because SERVPRO of Decorah has a program for you that is 100% FREE. Absolutely no hidden fees, just preparedness, a detailed plan, and peace of mind!


SERVPRO does what we call an ERP, this stands for Emergency Ready Profile. This program helps minimize damage, and educates homes or businesses on where important utilities are, such as your water shut off, and more!

This profile allows you to get back into your space in a timelier manner if a loss were to occur at your property. It helps ease some of that uncertainty when water comes flowing through spaces it doesn’t belong, or your kitchen catches fire.

Those questions above that can seem daunting, but SERVPRO of Decorah has you covered! Contact us today for your free ERP!


Restoring a Brick Building to It's Former Glory

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Before and after of graffiti on brick building While we can't share the full explicate nature of this vandalism we wanted to showcase the hard work of our Technicians Kelly and Talor for restoring!

Vandalism and graffiti can often cause a lot of stress and of course, you guessed it…mess. SERVPRO of Decorah is equipped with the right tools and cleaners to help ease the stress of the mess.

Recently our team was called in to clean some graffiti that was painted across a beautiful commercial brick building. Project Manager, Brett, arrived at the job and the first step was testing the product to see if it would be sufficient in removing the spray paint. This was no small feat, as the porous material of the concrete brick really wanted to hang onto the paint. After some different testing, he knew this was going to be a tough one.


Due to the aggressive nature of the cleaning, it was important to explain to the client that there was a possibility of taking off some of the color of the brick. Once our Project Manager explained this, it was time to get this beautiful brick back to its former glory.

MAKING IT “Like it never even happened.”

Technicians, Kelly and Talor sprayed graffiti removed and let this dwell for about an hour before they got to scrubbing. Once they completed this process, they repeated it one more time. After the hard work was put in by our team, the building truly looked “Like it never even happened.”

If your home or business has been a target of vandalism, call SERVPRO of Decorah. We truly are here to help and want to help take the stress out of the mess! 

The Importance of an Emergency Plan!

4/19/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo with photo of commercial building and the text "ARE YOU EMERGENCT READY?" Ready, set, get prepared!

Having a plan when things go array is very important when you own a commercial business. Not only does this make you more aware of your property, but could save you some dollars in the long run if you are prepared and can take immediate action!


  • Promotes safety & shows that the organization is committed to keeping its workers safe.
  • You will be more prone to taking immediate action, which could result in a less severe loss.
  • Being prepared can reduce fear, stress, and anxiety.


Yes, you read that right, FREE!

SERVPRO offers a free ERP or Emergency Ready Profile that you can use for your business. There is a mobile application that is used to gather all crucial information and help during and after a disaster occurs.

Recommended information to store in your ERP.

  • Emergency contact information
  • Building information and description
  • Contact information for local emergency services, utilities, municipalities, and vendors
  • Map of your business
  • Collections of images of important rooms and expensive equipment with an area to add notes or instructions
  • Emergency instructions in case of a fire, water, or storm disaster

You can add as many images, instructions, and details to this mobile app as you want! Get started right now!


Whether it's through our ERP program or through means of your own, we hope that you get your emergency-ready plan in place. If something goes wrong, you are going to be in a much better position to get back into your building faster! If everything is smooth sailing, then you still get peace of mind that you are prepared!  

If you have any questions or would like to request a walkthrough of your business to begin the ERP, give us a call! (319) 268-1521.

Springing into Warmer Weather: Commercial Property Maintenance

3/4/2022 (Permalink)

Grass popping through snow, text saying "Get ready for the thaw" and a SERVPRO logo Protect your commercial property!

As the seasons change, business owners are always looking ahead to what is coming next. The next campaign, the next project, the next meeting, the list is pretty much endless.

What commercial business owners might not think about is how to prepare their buildings for the thaw.

Cold temps, snow, ice, and sometimes even salt, can cause seasonal damage to structures. Due to the way that water expands when it freezes, it can cause cracks and then proceed to melt causing areas of moisture within your structure. The dreaded ice dam can also be a perpetrator of water damage.


After the bitter cold has started to subside, one of the first, most crucial steps to getting your commercial building in tip-top shape, is doing a proper inspection. Make yourself a list of things to check for and bring a camera with you for documentation while thoroughly looking over your property. Some things to look out for are:

  • Cracks in foundation, pathways, parking lots, and patios
  • Lose or damaged pavement
  • Missing shingles
  • Chipped paint
  • Leaking or drafty windows


In addition to doing a damage inspection, It is also wise to do a proper maintenance check. This includes things such as:

  • Getting your air conditioning units looked at
  • Replacing air filters
  • Flushing your water heaters
  • Put fresh batteries in smoke and CO2 detectors


If you are unsure of where to begin when getting your property ready for the thaw, make sure to connect with a local professional who can give you guidance on the next steps.

For your cleanup and restoration needs, SERVPRO is here to help in any way that we can! We are simply a phone call away!

Wicked Warehouse Water Loss

2/25/2022 (Permalink)

Broken pipe with red knob and SERVPRO logo The culprit!

For commercial businesses, keeping your inventory and warehouse safe, clean, and free of mold and mess is essential. Recently that goal became a challenge for a business due to a water main break. That’s where SERVPRO of Decorah swooped in to help!


After the damage from the busted pipe occurred, the warehouse was left with 10,000 square feet of water in their building/warehouse. It spread to back storage areas, hallways, and other neighboring rooms.


Our team got to the job site and did their due diligence in inspecting and documenting important matters, then they got to work extracting the water. They had to dump the extraction truck six times to remove all the standing water.

When this was done, they set up equipment, took daily departure photos, and atmospheric readings. They let the dehumidifiers get to work and later would be back to do wet checks and see how the drying process was going.

After a thorough wet check, our technicians discovered that the drywall was still affected. They pulled baseboard and drilled holes and adjusted equipment to ensure that everything could dry out properly.

After we ensured that our client was happy with everything, the last wet check was performed and equipment was wrapped up! Though the water was all taken care of, this commercial business had us come back to clean their carpets which was the cherry on top!

HERE TO HELP – We mean it!

We know that in situations where water is spreading through your home or business it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. When we say that we are here to help, we mean it! We are thankful that we have such a diligent, and compassionate team that is available 24/7 to help in emergencies. Put our number into your phone so when the disaster strikes, you can get help at the click of a couple of buttons!


We want to help you take the stress out of the mess!

It's Time for your Water Shutoff Scavenger Hunt!

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Injecta-dry at work in commercial building Injecta-dry at work to dry out this commercial building!

A lot of times we hear about disasters that occur in a home or business when no one is present. In certain situations, things can go array right in front of your eyes. The ONLY positive spin in that scenario, is that immediate action can be taken to help prevent a bigger mess that usually occurs. That is if you are PREPARED! 


Recently, we have been working on a job where a toilet was flushed and the valve let loose. The toilet immediately started spraying water everywhere, and in the 35 minutes it took to get the water shut off, it had already flooded three floors of this commercial business. The moral of the story is, know where your water shutoff is located!


Everyone should know where their main water shutoff valve is located, so in the case of an emergency, you can stop the flow of water, and save yourself the stress of a much larger mess!

Click Here to find a guide to where your shutoffs are! Have fun and make it a scavenger hunt! 

Remediating Mold inside Church

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

A green air scrubber inside a closet with cement walls. High humidity can promote mold growth.

This small-town church has been empty for a while as in person services were restricted by COVID. Still, the cleaning lady was regularly coming in to keep the place tidy. As she was cleaning, she noticed some mold growth in one of the closets. She reported it to the church leadership team. That’s when SERVPRO of Decorah received a phone call to conduct a mold inspection at the church.

Mold Inspections to determine Plan of Action.

Our project manager, Sam Whitehead, arrived at the church and met with the building manager. He took Sam around the church and showed him the closet of concern. Sam could visually determine that there was growth occurring along the south wall of the closet. Sam recommended SERVPRO services, including the use of the HEPA vacuum and deck brushing to remediate the issue. Detaching the closet panels for thorough inspection was completed.  A few days later the estimate of work was approved by the church and our team got started with Mold Remediation.

Our production technician began by using a HEPA vacuum on the walls in the closet area. This specific tool sucks in mold spores and traps them in a special filter.  Then he sprayed a microbial cleaner on the surface. The base trim and crown trim had to be removed in order to remove the panel. Upon removing one of the panels, the technician was able to determine that almost all of the other panels did have microbial growth on them as well. Some of the panels also seemed to have some wood rot due to water damage. All the paneling was removed and put to the side to dispose of later. Our tech continued with spraying microbial cleaner all over the concrete walls. Then he finished by sweeping up after himself, and setting up an air scrubber. The air scrubber will remove mold spores or pollutants from the surrounding air. It was completed in just a few days.

In order to avoid further mold issues, it is important to determine any water related issues within the environment. High humidity and water leaks can promote mold growth.


We can be a resource to Realtors, Landlords & Property Managers.

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

A close up of the front of the house with a really bright green front door and a large window with green trims. There’s also We restore properties after a disaster.

As a realtor, landlord, or property manager, we understand that you have many responsibilities. One of them includes coordinating maintenance and repairs with contractors for the property(s) you are responsible for. SERVPRO of Decorah would love to come alongside you as a resource. We believe our restoration and cleaning services can benefit you.

Our brand has received national recognition and our team is equipped with the latest knowledge and technology to handle any type of property damage, big or small.

Here are a few of the services that may benefit you…

Mold Remediation – There is a $150 Inspection fee. Our project manager will assess the damage and send you an estimate within a few days. If you decide to use our services, the inspection fee is waived.

Vandalism/Graffiti CleanupCrime and vandalism occur. We can provide board ups for broken windows and doors, clean after any structural damage, and pressure wash or sand blast graffiti off walls, buildings, pavement and fences.

Water Restoration & Cleanup - Properties can suffer water damage for several reasons (floods, water pipe break, sump pump failure, backup sewer, refrigerator line leak, etc.) When concerning water, it is super important to address the issue right away. No matter the size of the property, we are confident that we have the sufficient amount of equipment to extract, dry, and remediate the issue. The longer you wait to completely dry a property, the greater the risk of mold growth becomes.

Fire Restoration & Cleanup – A fire in your home and business might not seem like a reality but it happens. Just last year, we’ve completed about 20+ fire losses from people who never expected it. We will pack out content, take inventory of all items, clean and restore salvageable items, remove all debris and trash, remove smoke odor, and more.

Construction Services – We are a one-stop shop! We do not have to hire a third-party to do any structural repair because our services even include Building Services and Reconstruction. This allows us to follow one of our taglines, “Like it never even happened.”


Nicotine/Odor Removal – Did the previous owners or tenants have pets? Were they smokers? We clean that too! We’ve cleaned plenty of cigarette tar and nicotine from older homes and apartments. Animal smells can be hard to get rid of but we have been successful in getting rid of pet stains and odors with the help of our experienced technicians and our specialized cleaner solution.

Carpet/Upholstery Cleanings – Schedule a carpet cleaning weekly, monthly or yearly! After being stepped on so much, your carpets deserve a SPA day.


We have built many healthy relationships with insurance agents and adjusters due to our line of work. We understand the process of an insurance claim and we work closely with your provider to ensure they have all the necessary information they need to process it, such as inventory of content and daily activity notes. We can help a stressful situation seem just a little less stressful.

Let’s get to know each other before a disaster strikes!

We invite you to give us a call and schedule a complimentary Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) for your property(s). An ERP is a tool that will help you set out a preparedness plan for any type of disaster. This includes an assessment of your property, a report of critical information you would need in the event of an emergency, and provides property details such as the water shut-off valve location. To learn more, give us a call at (563) 277-1615.

If a disaster happens, count on us to help!

Trauma Cleanup Services in Decorah, IA.

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

Text that say "Sensitive Content." in front of a dark solid background. There is strength in asking for help.

*Warning: This is sensitive content.

This blog is not meant to sell you a product and service. This blog is to let you know that there are businesses out there that can help you in the aftermath of something really painful and traumatic. We are a cleaning and restoration business for disasters and unfortunately, a disaster we have cleaned up too often is suicide. One is far too many. Our condolences are for those who had to live through this traumatic experience. We can’t begin to imagine what this feels like but we are willing to listen and help in the ways that we can.

Trauma Cleanup is not something that we advertise. It has come to our attention that we need to inform our first responders and our community about this service. SERVPRO can be a resource for cleaning to those who may need it. Biohazard contaminants are left behind from an accident scene. Sometimes, the necessary cleaning isn't dealt with because people are unsure how to proceed. It is not a simple task, physically or psychologically for anyone. Still, some people have had to eventually push through and clean it up themselves. There is no doubt that these individuals are beyond strong but there is also strength in asking for help.

As we mentioned, this educational piece isn’t meant to sell you a service… it’s meant to give you an option when you need help. SERVPRO of Decorah is certain we can help in trauma cleanup. Whoever you choose, we recommend looking for a local cleaning business to avoid a heavy travel fee.

In closing, know that your home insurance may cover the cost of this type of cleaning. Give your insurance provider a call and find out. You can expect our team to have specialized training for biohazard cleanup, wear proper protective equipment, clean affected area, and content, dispose of any unsalvageable material, and even finish with construction if needed. Our team will continue to be empathetic and professional throughout the whole process. Again, we are sorry for your loss.

Here to help.

*Blog altered and reposted with the permission of SERVPRO of Black Hawk County.

Respirator and Pulmonary Test for Employee’s Safety

1/21/2021 (Permalink)

A woman spraying into a hood that a man is wearing over his head. The man is also wearing a respirator. Respirator Fit Test to determine the best seal and secure fit.

The health and well-being of our employees is extremely important especially because the places they work in aren’t always the safest. We clean up really bad messes that most people aren’t equipped to clean themselves. These messes can include mold, bio waste, back-up sewer, and diseases that can cause health effects if not dealt with safely.

That is why we follow  Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) safety protocols and schedule a pulmonary function test and respirator fit test for our staff.

What is a Pulmonary and Respiratory Function Test?

Pulmonary Tests are series of non-evasive tests performed by a physician that examines the health of our staff’s lungs. Hazardous job sites will require our team to wear a respirator or full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) so we must make sure their lungs can handle that.  A proper fit is essential when wearing a mask that contains the air you’re breathing.

The physician will also perform a respirator fit test on each individual for each of their respirators. Depending on the job situation, our project managers or production technician may select a different facepiece with a different harness, hence the importance of testing with each one. The test continues by putting a hood over our employee’s heads as they wear their respirators and spraying OSHA-approved agents inside. The physician will instruct the worker to do a few breathing exercises and movements. If our worker detects smells, taste, or irritation, their respirator’s fit has failed the test. With the help of the physician, the user will determine the size of the respirator they must use and the level of tightness on each of their respirator’s harnesses that will provide the best seal and most secure fit.

Safe to Protect You!

We will continue to follow safety protocols to protect our employees AND to protect YOU as we continue to clean and restore hazardous homes or businesses. Please call us if you are suspicious of harmful pathogens in the air from bad odor, smoke, or mold.