Recent Before & After Photos

Thermal Readings Find Water

A washing machine malfunctioned on the main level and water leaked onto the basement's carpet and ceiling. Our team moved content from the basement and laid pla... READ MORE

Kitchen Reconstruction After Fire

After an apartment fire, several rooms and nearby units received some damage. Ceiling, walls, and cabinets crumbled onto the floor, counters, and appliances. Th... READ MORE

Gutted Restroom After Sewer Loss

This restroom experienced a sewer loss. There was standing water inside the room and nearby rooms too. The plumber came and fixed the issue but it was our job t... READ MORE

Finish Flood Cut Oelwein

This commercial building experienced a sewer loss in its basement. The management team of this building had a good idea to create a cut-out of some drywall for ... READ MORE

Black water in Thrift Shop's basement

This Thrift shop called after water/sewer backed up from the basement's floor drain. Sewer water cleanup requires more safety measures since the "black water" c... READ MORE

Moisture trapped inside closet

This bedroom inside a finished basement experienced water damage after the basement was flooded. The carpets and wall trims were removed. Our technicians also c... READ MORE

Floodcut in Finished Basement

This hallway leads to many rooms in this finished basement. Our cleaning technicians made flood cuts all around the walls and removed door casings and trims. No... READ MORE

Water in Restaurant walls

After a pipe broke and water reached the condenser unit above a Mexican restaurant, our SERVPRO of Decorah team set out to dry the wet property. It was easier t... READ MORE

Water Pipe breaks in Restaurant

A water pipe broke and got into the condenser unit above the Mexican restaurant and flooded it. Water ran down many walls. In the before image, you can see a ye... READ MORE

Water in Pharmacy's Storage Room

This pharmacy experience some sewer back up after severe weather conditions. The floors needed to be hard-surfaced cleaned and sanitized. Our production team st... READ MORE